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Innovation in Ophthalmic Bio-instrumentation

Tackling today's vision-care issue from a bioengineering perspective
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Dr David Squirrell - Co-Founder


Dr Diana Siew - Director

commercialization expert

Our Mission Statement

The current model of eye health care used to diagnose and treat vision-threatening disease is expensive and is concentrated around eyecare clinics or private practices, which require a range of expensive instruments to examine the eye. This model has led to inequities in the delivery of eye healthcare, where both accessibility and affordability can be a problem; disproportionately affecting poorer communities that live in more rural areas. We propose to address this shortcoming in vision care through development of a novel device, which can replicate the function of several ophthalmic devices, and can screen for four common causes of blindness. 

Dr Ehsan Vaghefi - Co-Founder