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The delivery of eyecare is currently expensive, time consuming, and suffers from impractically long waiting lists. At Toku Eyes, we believe that eye healthcare could be faster and cheaper, if optometrists and ophthalmologists have access to more affordable innovative technologies. A brainchild of Drs Vaghefi, and Squirrell , Toku Eyes is focused on democratization of eyecare through bioinstrumentation, artificial intelligence and assistive eye health screening technologies.

Dr Ehsan Vaghefi


Science Lead

Dr David Squirrell


Clinical Lead

Dr Diana Siew


Mr Sunil Vather


Mr Gerard Wallace

Executive Director

Tech Team

Neelam Hari

Research Assistant

Regulatory Control Officer

Dr Li Xie

Research Assistant

AI Expert

Eric (Song) Yang

Research Assistant

AI Expert

David Han

Research Assistant

Product Development

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