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  1. OCULAR BIOMETRY SYSTEMS AND METHODS. This application is now progressed to the PCT phase.

  2. METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR OCULAR IMAGING, DIAGNOSIS AND PROGNOSIS. This application is now progressed to the PCT phase.


  • Year Funding agency Brief project title Amount (NZ$) Principal Investigator(s)

  • 2019 Diabetes New Zealand - Graeme Mack Award Diabetic Retinopathy screening using Artificial Intelligence 120,000 Dr Ehsan Vaghefi

  • 2019 Science for Technological Innovation – National Science Challenges Prognostic tool for diabetic progression using Artificial Intelligence 200,000 Dr Ehsan Vaghefi

  • 2018 MedTech CoRE – seed project fund Laser Biometer – V2 62,000 Dr Ehsan Vaghefi

  • 2018 MBIE Endeavour Smart Ideas Fund Preventing blindness using novel optical imaging 1,150,000 Dr Ehsan Vaghefi

  • 2018 Health Research Council of New Zealand – Explorer Grant Ocular Laser Biometer Phase II 150,000.00 Dr Ehsan Vaghefi

  • 2018 Uniservices – Return on Science scheme Ocular Laser Biometer and Virtual Eye 150,000.00 Dr Ehsan Vaghefi

  • 2017 MedTech Core Laser Biometer 25,000.00 Dr Ehsan Vaghefi